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October  /  November  ONE magazine is out now!

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Welcome Back! The Organic Cafe is now open and ready for you to come and check out the changes we have made!

Come on in via the new Cafe entrance, head up to the counter and see what is on today...then order at the Takeaway counter to have your order packed and ready to go in minutes, or order at the registers & grab a table number to dine in. It will feel like a different direction to that you are used to - but things are running much more smoothly!  If you see a big lineup don't despair as it moves along quite swiftly now.


We are passionate about delivering delicious and nutritious food so we heat food gently to order - no microwaves here to overheat things and destroy nutrients! Please allow time for us to heat your meal and serve it up with some of our famous salads.


Don't forget to pickup a glass of pure Mt Beerwah Springwater on your way to your table. Larnie & Steve at Cooee Water have repositioned our water dispenser and it is now located near the entrance to the garden seating. Steve came in and spent most of the day running a 'blue line' from our springwater tank to the dispenser. This week they will hook it up to the power so those who want chilled water in the coming hot summer months can have it, while room temp water will still be available.  Great BIG THANKS to Steve for his patient understanding of our needs and for gettting a tricky job done with no fuss at all!     cooeewater.com.au





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Welcome to Kunara

Activate your new customer club card.Committed to providing an all-round service that revolves around your health and well-being, Kunara is leading the way by offering a one-stop destination for all things natural and organic.

For almost 25 years we’ve supported  South Eastern Queensland communities to source products, services and information to allow for informed decisions to be made to obtain and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Eating well and living a healthy lifestyle is the choice of many; it just makes us feel better to know of that we are fuelling our bodies with the purest products available.

Supporting your healthy lifestyle is easy with the huge selection of fresh organic produce, grocery items, meat, dairy, skincare, natural cleaning products and more, that we offer at Kunara.  Read more...

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Kunara Organic Marketplace AwardsKunara was proud to be awarded the Organic Consumer Choice Award for Best Organic Retail Outlet and Best Organic Cafe in 2013. We plan to continue delivering exceptional products and services for our loyal customers - YOU! - in 2014. Thank you for voting for Kunara.
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Kunara Organic Cafe is up for renovation!

Published on 13th October 2014 at 8:53am by Kunara Natural Foods

It's been over 2 years since the Organic Cafe opened in a back corner of the Kunara Garden Centre. We added a cabinet here, another register there, squeezed in as many tables as possible and tried out quite a few menu ideas. The time has come to refresh our concept… Read More.

A great product to reduce food wastage

Published on 31st July 2014 at 2:36pm by Kunara Natural Foods

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Were we ever in doubt? Newcastle University Study Proves Organic Food Is Better for YOU!Carlo Leifert, professor of ecological agriculture at Newcastle University who led the study, said: The organic versus non-organic debate has rumbled on for decades now but the… Read More.

We're just guinea-pigs! Studies show animals won't eat GMO foods.

Published on 16th July 2014 at 11:49am by Kunara Natural Foods

What do Squirrels (and Pigs, Chickens, Buffalo, Geese, Elk, Deer, Racoons and even Rats) think of GMO Foods?... and we Humans are used as Guinea Pigs! This was an actual real life experiment conducted on a farm in the fall of 2012 to see if animals really can tell… Read More.