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Our 1,000+ daily visitors don’t just come to shop organic fruit and vegetables, visiting Kunara is a totally unique experience. Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat in our café or discovering all the incredible organic produce from local growers, Kunara will inspire you to take better care of yourself and the environment. We currently offer:

Over 18,000 natural and organic products including fruit and vegetables, naturopathic services, natural beauty therapists, organic and gluten free specialty food from our café, a native and eco-friendly garden centre, a wholesale warehouse and manufacturing plant, like-minded neighbours including an organic butcher, Synerji natural fibre clothing boutique and holistic health practitioners.

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Banaban specialises in the development of organically grown island products and traditional remedies that have been passed down over the centuries. Proceeds from the sales of these products go directly towards aid projects that benefit the lives of the Banaban locals. So with each purchase you are literally changing lives.

Ken Sigrah and Stacey King are the brains behind the business. ‘We both know from experience that the only way indigenous people can stay strong culturally and physically in the fast changing world is to be proud of who you are and where you come from. One of the most important ways to encourage this is by the preservation of the traditional skills through culture.’ Read the full Banaban story HERE and meet more Kunara People HERE.



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Share is a collection of wholefood recipes to embrace with family and friends. Recipes from the Kunara Kitchen that has grain free, dairy, sugar, egg & nut free options.

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Embrace a healthier lifestyle with organic produce and gluten free products

Kunara is committed to providing people on the Sunshine Coast with access to healthy, sustainable organic produce and products that enable them to embrace a greener, cleaner lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for organic fruit and vegetables that have been grown without harmful pesticides or gluten free products that conform to your dietary needs, our organic health food stores are able to provide.

Many people find it difficult to maintain a vegan, gluten free, raw, or paleo lifestyle given the limited options available in conventional supermarkets and restaurants. Kunara’s gluten free café and health food stores on the Sunshine Coast make it easy to live the lifestyle you want and to nourish your body and soul with organic produce.

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