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Your skin is the largest organ of your body!  It absorbs everything you put on it, just as if you were eating it.  So while choosing organic food and house-cleaning products is a fantastic step to ensure you are eliminating a vast amount of harmful, toxic chemicals from your life, just remember that using non-organic skin and hair care products results in nasty compounds still easily being absorbed into your body via your skin.  The body has no way of ridding itself of them. The toxins remain in your intestines and eventually spread through the body and can damage your organs.

Education in this area has led to the organic beauty industry now being one of the fastest growing in Europe and demand for pure, natural skin and hair care products is also mirroring this trend in Australia.

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Were proud that Kunara Natural Skincare offers one of the largest and most diverse range of natural skin and hair care products in the country and, of course, friendly and qualified advice

Our skin care team, led by Bronwyn Potts, are all qualified skin care & beauty consultants or beauty therapists and offer a specialised and personal service.  “We are available 7 days a week, and just love assisting you with skin, beauty and hair care recommendations that are individually tailored to your specific needs”.

We offer guidance in following areas ..

  • the art of applying mineral powder.
  • selecting the best liquid foundation.
  • selecting the skin care regime for you.
  • cosmetic colour selection and assistance in ‘how to colour your eyes’
  • hair colour selection which includes clarifying the difference between natural hair colour choices and henna.
  • safe product choices and advice on what not to use.
  • unravelling ingredients.
  • product recommendations for those with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.
  • safer body care alternatives for the men in your life.
  • hand care and nail colours without dangerous chemicals.
  • the benefits of dry brushing and best techniques.
  • effective aluminium free deodorants.
  • safe soaps and suds to use.
  • body sprays and fragrances.
  • safe body products
  • dental care choices ‘with or without fluoride’.
  • sunscreens without chemicals.
  • safe feminine hygiene and alternate methods and  to assist with monthly cycles.
  • how to fragrance your room and home chemical free.
  • choosing a special ‘gift’ for your family member or friend.

E: skincare@kunara.com.au

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Don’t forget to ask us for a Loyalty Card, which will entitle you to a free product after every 10 purchases of beauty, baby and hair care products.


A great product to reduce food wastage

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FreshZone is a revolutionary new device that will save money and food spoilage in your fridge. It neutralises mould, bacteria, fungus, viruses, ethylene gas, pesticides ... all without chemicals! Find out more or take a look at this product in our Health & Beauty… Read More.

Certified Organic: What does it actually mean?

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We recently shared with you our exciting news that Kunara is now officially Certified Organic. Some of you may be wondering, what does that actually mean; what s changed at Kunara? Firstly, any product at Kunara labelled Certified Organic must contain a minimum of… Read More.

KUNARA BREAKING NEWS: Kunara is officially Certified Organic

Published on 4th March 2014 at 11:21am by Kunara Natural Foods

We're so very proud to announce: It's official! Kunara is now Certified Organic! Businesses using the Australian Certified Organic logo are annually and randomly audited, as are products wearing the logo. The Bud logo is the most recognised organic certification… Read More.

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