Welcome to Kunara Deli

…the home of healthy, organic take away food and thoughtfully selected deli goods to compliment any dinner party or to simply spoil yourself. Convenient, delicious and nutritious, wow your family and guests with inspiring dishes without even having to think about what to cook or having to make a mess of your kitchen. It’s like having a team of talented chefs at your disposal who also do the cleaning up!

Choose from a wonderful selection of gluten free and organic dishes prepared fresh every day. Our Chefs go shopping where you do; right here in store. If it’s in season and it’s certified organic, they use it. This guarantees quality second to none because they know exactly where the produce comes from and, believe us, they won’t compromise. Fresh produce is sourced, where ever possible, from our own region to keep food miles lower, food fresher and to support our community and our local growers.

The cheeses and smallgoods are predominantly hand-crafted, with producers using methods that have been tried and trusted for hundreds of years. The passion and love that goes into these products, as corny as it may sound, can literally be tasted. We are in awe of such talent and are constantly on the look out for ‘food artists’ who can complement our growing range.

Whether you’re planning a large or intimate ‘food event’ or just ensuring your take-away lunch is healthy, nutritious and absolutely yummy, you’ll love the variety and the service you’ll receive from our friendly and knowledgeable Kunara Deli Team. You’ll soon recognise that the deli team are a bunch of passionate foodies committed to sharing their knowledge to help you select the perfect treat for any occasion.

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