Garden Centre

At the Kunara Garden Centre, our expert horticulturalists are here to help with all your gardening needs! Our friendly team can assist with:

  • Planting natives
  • Growing your own organic edibles
  • Cultivating medicinal or culinary herbs
  • Creating beautiful feature gardens
  • Using eco-friendly pesticides, fertilisers & soil conditioners
  • Supplying organic seed
  • Providing native tube stock

Located next to our Organic  Café, our Garden Centre also offers an eclectic range of gifts, artwork, locally crafted products & natural homewares.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when creating or renewing a garden. We are always happy to answer any of your questions regarding your garden, if you feel you need our undivided attention to discuss your garden, consultations are available by appointment.

Our Garden Consultations are not  formal, but provides you with help from an experienced and qualified horticulturist. We can give suggestions on anything plant and garden related, with everything from what pest or disease is damaging your garden to what plant to put where. We encourage you to take notes and ask questions on soil preparation and improving, pH testing, mulching, pest and disease identification, appropriate plant selection and design ideas.

If you feel this is a service that can help you onto the next stage of your gardening ventures, then contact the Garden Centre to discuss the different level of services that we can provide you with and the fee.

For more information and bookings contact our Garden Centre:

Phone (07) 5329 7082


The Garden Centre sends out a regular e-newsletter to its Garden Centre Club Members. Click on the links below to read some of our recent newsletters that are full of tips and tricks for your gardening.

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Grow your own organic edibles – we have the seeds, potting mix, info and advice to make your garden grow