Welcome to the Kunara Fridge Department

Our objective is to supply our customers with the best and most diverse range of alternative products, especially for the many people today suffering from food allergies or those who have special dietary needs or preferences, thus allowing them to still enjoy cheese, milks and breads without the preservatives and allergens found in regular non organic products.

Please talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team members about our various dairy and bread products. If you or a family member have special dietary requirements, be it for health reasons or personal choice, we can assist in ensuring you find the right solution to meet your needs.

The Fridge Department consists of many different varieties of products. We proudly support organic and biodynamic dairy farmers, including Baramba, Paris Creek, Mungali Creek, Meridith Dairy, BD (Demeter Certified) and many more…

Our milk section includes: Biodynamic and organic varieties (homogenised and unhomogenised, full cream and low fat), raw milk and goats milk. Yoghurts include full cream, goats, sheep and even local coconut yogurts all in many natural flavours and varieties.

Our cheese selection is huge and includes hard cheese, camembert, brie, feta (cow & goat), Maleny buffalo cheeses, cut sheeps and goats cheeses and many more.

Fancy a chilled drink? Then choose from organic and biodynamic juices, sparkling juices, tetra pack milks (soy, rice, oat, almond, goat) and, of course, we have an ever expanding range of coconut water too.

If you find your kids wandering off towards our freezer section, it’s probably because they’re keen to try one or more of our range of organic full cream, coconut, almond and goats milk ice creams in so many yummy natural flavours. Make for great adult desserts too!

If you’re not vegetarian and planning a family dinner or BBQ with friends, you’ll discover a wide range of organic meat and seafood, including Inglewood organic chicken, Moya Valley chicken, Eumundi meats, organic Mallow lamb, Pasture Perfect organic meats, as well as Higgs organic seafood and the absolutely delicious The Canadian Way salmon range.

It’s Footy Night or the men and kids in your life are just more into Pies, then take home one of our many frozen pies, including vegan, gluten free.  Byron Bay pies, Peace pies, Funky Vegan pies and Britts organic pies.  There’s bound to be a variety they’ll love.

We’ve not forgotten your four-legged family members either.  Organic frozen pet food is also available.

Dairy – Meat – Poultry – Vegan – Raw – Convenience Foods – Ice Cream – Frozen Pet Food – Frozen Meals – Pies – Bread – Cold Drinks – Juices – Coconut Water  - Unrefrigerated Beverages

Please contact our Fridge Team if you have any questions.

E: fridge@kunara.com.au


KUNARA BREAKING NEWS: Kunara is officially Certified Organic

Published on 4th March 2014 at 11:21am by Kunara Natural Foods

We're so very proud to announce: It's official! Kunara is now Certified Organic! Businesses using the Australian Certified Organic logo are annually and randomly audited, as are products wearing the logo. The Bud logo is the most recognised organic certification… Read More.

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