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We’re immensely proud that we can offer our retail customers the largest and freshest range of Certified Organic fresh fruit and vegetables available anywhere in Australia.  We simply won’t compromise on quality and source all of our stock directly from local growers wherever possible. 

We also actively educate local conventional growers of the benefits of converting to organic growing methods.  The demand for organic produce keeps growing at a phenomenal rate which definitely is having an impact on the supply and demand balance.  With more conventional farmers joining the Organic Industry, we hope that more and more demand can be met regionally if not locally.

While we love nothing more than to support our local growers and suppliers, our commitment to provide our customers with the freshest and healthiest produce available at any given time, necessitates that we follow the season of individual produce around Australia to offer consistent “best quality”. Furthermore, it’s also imperative that we utilise the best organic growers Australia has to offer, who have maximum experience and use the best techniques available so that we can offer you quality and taste at the best available value.

Why Organic?
The practice of Organic farming and food production relies on the social, biological and ecological principals instead of the one dimensional monoculture management systems that rely solely on chemical and insecticides to produce crops.

While there is an ongoing debate about scientific proof that organic grown produce has more health benefits than conventional grown produce, logic surely dictates that consuming toxic chemicals and pesticides cannot be beneficial to us. 

Depending on what piece of literature you read, the views differ from more vitamins and minerals present in organically grown produce to no difference at all compared to conventionally grown produce,  but there cannot be any debate that by selecting organic foods you are protecting the environment and are minimising your risk of exposure to artificial pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in food, which translates to minimising risk to supposed food allergies and a multitude of medical conditions.  Organic fruit, vegetables and herbs also simply taste real and fresh; like - to those old enough to remember - they used to all those decades ago in our childhood.  There’s a real depth and intensity to the taste which generally is not found in conventionally farmed produce.

Do yourself, your family and Mother Earth a huge favour. Choose organic for the purest source of fuel you can give your body;  for a guarantee that there are no artificial chemicals and insecticides used.  And please make no mistake; chemicals can’t simply be washed off; there will always be residue in or on fruit and vegetables that are non-organic.

Biodynamic: What is it and how is it different to Organic?
Biodynamic farming is an environmentally sound, holistic and scientific-based method of organic farming that takes a holistic approach in regards to the relationships of plants, soil and animals as a self-sustaining technique.

The main difference between organic and biodynamic farming is that biodynamic farming takes the method of fertilisation and field preparation a step further by planting and harvesting by the astrological calendar and using the cow horn for fertiliser.  Biodynamic farmers see their farm as a whole living, self-nourishing organism that can self-sustain itself.

 The Fresh Produce Team is pivotal in promoting a healthy culture throughout Kunara.  They’re an immensely knowledgeable, passionate and friendly bunch, who believe in providing a customer service that makes a real difference.  Practising what they preach, they can’t wait to infect you with their passion for fresh organic produce.

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