The Kunara Story


From roadside fruit & veggie stall to Australia’s largest one-stop destination for everything natural and organic

We started our quest to deliver only the most natural of products and an outstanding, personable customer service over 25 years ago. You may know us as the Natural Foodstore or even as The Organic Oasis.

As we’re so much more than just a food store, we decided to change our name to Kunara. Kunara means One. The name was chosen as we are one family, one team, one community with one focus, one future and one dream …. of a healthier, more balanced and happier people and World.

We’re proud of the fact that we have been owned by the same family since our humble beginnings and that their vision and our customer’s loyalty, support and requests for more variety and product lines is what drives us to build and keep developing an Organic Marketplace that evolves with the community’s and customer demands.

The Dawn of a New Era

Kunara Organic Marketplace

So far our journey has taken us from what was hardly more than a roadside fruit and veggie stall to where we are now: 

Today, we own our own Organic Farm “The Organic Oasis” in Dimbulah, North Queensland.

Today, our Natural Foods store boasts a diversity of departments, including Fresh Produce, Grocery, Fridge, Bulk Wholefoods, Natural Skincare and Natural Health.

Our Wellness area offers free naturopathic advice, a Treatment Room offering general naturopathic services, as well as speciality services. 

When you visit Kunara you’ll also be able to enjoy nutritious, delicious food and beverages in our award-winning Café. Set amongst living green; whether dining indoors or in our al fresco area, attended to by smiling, helpful wait staff who love to serve you, it’s a great place to take the family or meet up with friends. The Café also welcomes group bookings ; be it for a private celebration or a business meeting.

Kunara also offers off-site Catering and Event Management Services, with many Kunara and 3rd-party events taking place on our premises. Email us for details.

Kunara is also about education, providing the tools for a healthier way of life. With regular workshops we empower you to be actively involved in the production of your natural and organic food. Please consult our Events Page for upcoming workshops.

asian nutrition students tour Kunara Organic MarketplaceWe also happily provide tours of Kunara and talks to university, school classes and international students studying nutrition.  For more information please contact

We even cater for gardening enthusiasts or those that don’t have a green thumb and desperately need expert help to establish a garden, veggie patch or even just an indoor herb garden. Our Garden Centre Team are so passionate about chemical and pesticide-free gardening and landscaping, they breathe and even dream plants and love to share their knowledge. Home Gardening Consultancies are also available.
art and gifts for sale at Kunara Garden Centre


The Kunara Garden Centre has expanded its product range to incorporate art,  home wares, books, DVDs & CDs and gifts – naturally all products that are representative of our sustainability standards and our philosophy. 

 Due to the high demand of our own products by retailers from all over Australia, “In the Raw” was born. Our sister company has set up shop on our premises and offers a diverse list of products to like-minded retailers via our Wholesale arm of the business.

 Australian Certified Organic


We’re very proud that Sinerji Boutique and Sunshine Coast Organic Meats are part of our vision and are in residence at Kunara Organic Marketplace, offering our customers further diversity of products and services.

Future Plans may include 

  • a gluten-free Bakery
  • a dedicated Wellness Centre with Practitioner Rooms & Gym/Fitness Classes
  • a Hair & Beauty Salon
  • a Wine Cellar / Wine Bar
  • Wholesale expansion  

Shopping and dining at Kunara Organic Marketplace allows our customers to know that they are making a really big difference to themselves, their family and the environment.

Life is about choice and convenience and that’s what we offer our customers at Kunara Organic Marketplace, plus loads of smiles and excellent customer service from a team that love and breathe healthy and sustainable living.

We invite you to experience Kunara Organic Marketplace for yourself. Like our 1,000+ daily visitors, we know you’ll want to keep coming back. And don't forget to join our FREE Customer Club to take advantage of all the great benefits. Find out more here.

The Kunara Story

kunara story

Transition from The Natural Foodstore to Kunara

* please note, that meanwhile our Customer Club Members have grown to over 40,000!

Transition from the Natural Foodstore to Kunara Organic Marketplace



































Life is about Choices